Dean Allen Stumpe

Born Oct. 6, 1950, in Storm Lake, Iowa, Dean Allen Stumpe entered the U.S. Army on July 15, 1971, as a heat and cooling specialist, eventually becoming a refrigeration mechanic. His service to Fort Greely began on March 21, 1971, culminating with his leadership as the Operations and Maintenance Chief for which he was recognized with the prestigious Installation and Management Command Distinguished Member of the Region award on Feb. 7, 2019.

During his more than 47 years as a valued and respected member of the Fort Greely and Delta Junction communities, Dean was directly responsible for the avenues of approach and the roads and grounds around the missile silos ensuring they stand ready to defend the country. A thrifty man of creativity and foresight, he recycled asphalt from other projects in order to pave more of Fort Greely’s unpaved road system. He also planned, developed, and built Fort Greely’s landfill which benefits Fort Greely families, rotational units using the training areas, and the Army by saving the government hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste removal costs. “Stumpe: as he was known, also perceived how snow plowed from Fort Greely roads could be used to create a snow berm to protect those same roads from drifting snow thereby protecting all who traveled them.

As a “hands on” leader, he earned a well-deserved reputation of being a capable personnel manager who prioritized teaching, coaching, and training his team. Not content to do just what was required, he always went the extra mile for his team in such ways as regularly donating personal leave to cover their unmet medical leave requirements. In short, he is the example of a humble servant leader who embodies the ideal of a rugged professional that all who live and work at Fort Greely aspire to be.

Dean Stumpe is survived by his wife, Okyo, daughter Susan, son Hayden , granddaughters Gabriella and Nadia, and grandsons Maurice and Wangyal.

A service was held on Dec. 16 at the Fort Greely Chapel.