Terrance Edward Wear


Terrance Edward Wear, best known as Klarantz, was a carpenter, mechanic, operator, painter, logger, gold miner, and motorcycle and classic car enthusiast. He enjoyed hunting; particularly hunting for caribou with his boys in Fortymile country; fishing, 4-wheeling, and snowmobiling—completing the 200-mile snow-machine “Trek Over the Top” from Tok to Dawson four times. Klarantz was a husband, brother, loyal friend, father, grandfather, and, as those who knew him would know, he could also be a/an “_______”! (To be filled in with your own personalized Klarantz adjective.)

Klarantz served two tours in Vietnam as a Crew Chief on a Caribou in 1966-67 and again in 1968. From his time in Vietnam, he became life-long friends with his “brother” Leo and Leo’s wife Cookie. “T” and Leo would always tell each other, “Meet ya on the other side, brother.”

Following his time in the army, Klarantz went to college, logged in Washington, worked on the Mount Saint Helen’s cleanup, worked in Prudhoe Bay, laid fiber optics, and worked for Boeing at Fort Greely.

Some of Klarantz’s fondest memories were on Elk Creek, in Pe Ell, Wash., with his “Elk Creek Brothers” and friends. He and his Elk Creek Brothers, Al Pickett, Jimmy Merrill, and Tom Humphrey, were the founders of the annual Pe Ell River Run, which has occurred on or around Klarantz’s birthday for the past 42 years. The run is celebrated in Michael Patton’s (deceased) “Official River Run” song: https://www.facebook.com/brandi.morrison.54/videos/1144572445575666/

Klarantz started visiting Delta Junction in the late 70s when he started gold mining on Confederate Creek in Fortymile country. He finally settled in Delta in 1982. During this time, he found his “twin brother” and dearest friend, George Detablan. Not sure how, but people had a difficult time telling them apart.

This is also the time Klarantz met the love of his life, Cinde Stamm. The first time he saw her he said, “You’re going to marry me one day!” Pretty sure she started laughing, who wouldn’t? However, he was correct, and they spent 36 years together.

Klarantz was preceded in death by his parents, Edward and Louise (Billet) Wear and his brother Dr. Larry Davis. He is survived by his wife, Cinde Stamm-Wear; his son Orin P. Wear and his wife Jen Renée, and grandchildren Devon Wear, Raevan Wear, and Roanin Wear; and his son Jake Stamm and grandchildren Belle Stamm, Serenity Stamm, and August Stamm.

Klarantz was a sweetheart and an asshole, and he will be missed.

There will be a Celebration of Life on Saturday, May 23 at the Clearwater Lodge starting at 4pm.