NORAD Tracks Santa

Find out where Santa is by calling 1-877-HI-NORAD, on the web at or by going to NORAD Tracks Santa on Facebook.

Holiday Schedules

Closing Early on December 24 Christmas Eve

Acacia Floral Closing at 3pm

Alaskan Steakhouse Closing at 8pm

City Hall Closed

Crowley Closed

Delta Community Library Closed

Delta Building Supply Closing at 3pm

Interior Hardware Closed

My. McKinley Closes at 1pm

Wells Fargo Closes at noon

Napa Closed

Smiling Moose Closing at 6pm

Alaska Farmers Co-op Closed

Big Delta Brewing Company Open 5-9pm

Trophy Lodge Closed

IGA Closing at 7:00pm

The Cave Wine Bar and Grille Closed

The Beverage Cellar Closing at 8pm

Delta Petro Wash Closing at 9pm

Other Schedule Changes

Acacia Floral Closed Dec 25 – 28

Delta Building Supply Closed Dec 25-26

Interior Hardware Closed Dec 25-26

NAPA Closed 25-26

Smiling Moose Closed Dec 25-27

The Cave Wine Bar and Grille Closed Dec 25-26