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As a pastor, an honor and office I am not worthy of, I have the express privilege of teaching and preaching the Word of God. As we are going through the prayer life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we have been able to glean many important principles from his example.

When Jesus prayed, as he told us in John 11:41-42, he knew God the Father would hear and answer. Christians are to pray “believing” as James 1:6 tells us. If you don’t have faith that God will hear and answer your prayer, then why pray at all?!

A woman named Ellen, who was an attractive single lady, noticed a man sitting by himself on the back pew. She had not met him before, so she decided after the service to introduce herself. After the service had ended, she approached him with an extended hand and said, “Hi, I’m Ellen.”

He took one look at her and bolted out the door. The following Sunday he returned to the church and approached Ellen. He said, “My name is Bob Price and I owe you an apology for my rude behavior last Sunday. You see, my deceased wife’s name was Ellen, and I have been praying, ‘Dear God, please send me another Ellen.’ When you approached me and said, ‘Hi I’m Ellen.’ I lost it.”

They eventually married and both are grateful for the way God answered Bob’s prayers. 

Think about it!

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