According to information released from the COVID-19 Incident Management Team, the number of new positive tests for the coronavirus in Delta Junction residents appears to be improving, but factors such as the Thanksgiving holiday may influence numbers in either direction.

During the seven-day period ending on Tuesday, Dec. 1, which included the Thanksgiving holiday when local medical providers were closed, 17 new cases were reported by local providers. This is in contrast to a total of 42 and 37 new cases during each of the previous seven-day periods, respectively.

Information is not available concerning the number of active cases, but there appear to be slightly over 100, which has seemed consistent with information available during the past several weeks. According to the state, four Delta area residents have been hospitalized with the disease and there have been no deaths of Delta residents.

The data on the State’s coronavirus response hub seems to run three to four days behind local reports of cases. Local reports also do not include tests from locations outside of Delta Junction, including those performed by military facilities. The State says they are overwhelmed with cases and can’t keep track of how many are currently active.

Whether a spike in cases will occur as a result of Thanksgiving gatherings is yet to be seen. With only 23 percent of survey respondents indicating they had gatherings with individuals outside of their household, transmission possibilities appear low.

Schools remain on high risk with distant learning taking place, but some work is being done with students in the school buildings to help facilitate completion of work for the end of the semester. The schools are also providing lunch pick-up and library material pick-up.

Michael Paschall is the publisher of the Delta Wind and covers general news topics. He can be reached at