Audrey Brown

Mayor JW Musgrove presents Audrey Brown with a framed proclamation recognizing her work with the city.

Tuesday’s City Council meeting was the end of many years of service for Council member Audrey Brown. 

Brown served a short stint on the Council from October 1996 until January 1997. Brown’s most recent term on the Council began in December 2013 and ended at the meeting Tuesday night.

Brown, who was born in Connecticut, arrived in Alaska to pursue her Master’s Degree in Psychology at UAA. She has been active in the community by serving on several boards, serving as a volunteer EMT and firefighter, and most recently serving on the City Council.

The City Council presented Brown with a Proclamation of Appreciation, a freshly baked cake of celebration and a specially ordered Delta Junction commemorative jacket as a gesture of their thanks.

Brown has not ruled out returning to council at some point in the future.

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