2018-08-02 Rauscher and Goode.jpg

Republican candidate for state house Pam Goode listens as George Rauscher, who is also running as a Republican for state house, speaks. Photo by Michael Paschall

The candidate forum at this year’s Deltana Fair gave locals the opportunity to hear from those running for state senate and house seats. Questions were presented to the candidates by Richard Mauer, who moderated the event.

Certainly not as dramatic as some of the presidential debates two years ago, the event gave some perspective – although not a different one – on the candidates’ position on various issues. Questions were given to the candidates in advance, and some were quite lengthy. Candidates had two minutes to respond to each question. Candidates were clear they wanted more time to respond, but they attempted to give a complete response in the allotted timeframe.

The Loretta Building was almost full as those interested in hearing from the candidates listened intently. Like several fair events, competition from other activities seemed to impact the number in attendance.

At the end of the event, audience members were given the opportunity to complete a survey to see if they felt the forum should be repeated in the future, and how it might be improved.

Michael Paschall is the editor and publisher of Delta Wind and can be reached at editor@deltawindonline.com.