The Easter Bunny was very clearly quite busy in the early morning hours of Easter as he hid thousands of Easter eggs for the children of the area to look for and take home.

The Delta Lions Club was responsible for setting up the event for children from one-year old’s on up. The Lions had different areas set up for different age groups to perform their eagerly anticipated hunt for eggs and the goodies that could be hidden inside them.

In years past, this annual event was held at the Deltana Fair Grounds, but this year, largely due to the amount of snow that is still on the ground, it was held at Delta Elementary School.

More than 150 parents and children were on hand for the 1 p.m. start of the great egg hunt.

As soon as the children were allowed to begin hunting for eggs, it was a mad dash for who could find the most eggs. The children, with the stealth of hopping and running rabbits moved from spot to spot to capture the prizes scattered all about.

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