Richardson Highway military vehicle wreck

A military wrecker that was retriving a military vehicle from the ditch was struck by a civilian vehcile near Mile 301 of the Richardson Highway resulting in a road closure of over one and one-half hours. Submitted photo.

At least six reports of wrecks involving military vehicles have been received since the snow started flying a month ago. Most of the wrecks have consisted of vehicles in the ditch, but several have involved nonmilitary vehicles as well.

This past weekend a military vehicle went off the road near mile 301 of the Richardson Highway. While a military wrecker was attempting to remove the vehicle from the ditch, another vehicle struck the wrecker. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

According to witnesses of the accident, the white SUV, which was occupied by tourists, passed stopped traffic and approached the wrecker, when they began to go around the wrecker another vehicle was stopped on the shoulder of the road and the SUV slammed into the wrecker.

Road conditions at the time were reported to be very slick.

On Oct. 28 two accidents occurred involving military vehicles in the area of Tenderfoot. The first vehicle slide off the roadway at Mile 293, while the second vehicle sideswiped a civilian vehicle about one-half a mile north of the first accident. No serious injuries were reported with either accident.

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