City Hall

The City Council met on Tuesday evening and passed the new ordinance regulating abandoned vehicles within the city limits of Delta Junction.

During discussion, council member Lou Heinbockel stated that he would be voting against the proposed ordinance.

“Although I am in total agreement with what this ordinance attempts to do, I tried to read through this ordinance again and to me it is overkill,” said Heinbockel.

Heinbockel continued on to say that he understands that legal considerations are the reason why it appears as overkill, but nonetheless all the City wants is for people to not abandon their junk in our town.

Heinbockel raised the question about enforcement of the new ordinance. “We don’t have a police force and I am not suggesting that we have one!” Hienbockel did continue and comment that the city has lots of ordinances that are currently unenforced. 

Without regard to the objections voiced by Heinbockel, the council passed the ordinance.

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