Visitor Center Bison

Mounts in the Visitor's Center that the city wants to make sure are properly taken care of following the Chamber of Commerce's announcement that they will be disbanding Oct. 5. 

The Delta Junction City Council got together on Tuesday evening for their regularly scheduled meeting. One of the topics for consideration revolved around the EPA Safe Water Drinking Act violation the city received notice of earlier this year. 

Mayor JW Musgrove announced that there would be an executive session. He said, “this will be a candid discussion of facts and litigation strategies between Council members and a City Attorney as related to the EPA Safe Water Drinking Act violation and pending claims and risks; the immediate knowledge of which would clearly have an adverse impact upon the finances of the City. Engineering firms of record, which may have impacted the violation are M2C1, MACTEC, and USKH.”

The council remained in the closed-door executive session for approximately 70 minutes. The city council meetings are normally broadcast on local radio station KDHS, and was on air during the executive session. Due to the nature of the closed-door executive session, some who were attempting to listen to the meeting got to listen to mostly “dead air” causing some to think that the radio station was off the air.

Once the council resumed the public portion of the meeting, Musgrove read a letter the city received from the Delta Chamber of Commerce. In the letter Chamber Secretary/Treasurer Piper Williams notified the city, “The Delta Chamber of Commerce regretfully informs the City of Delta Junction that we will disband as a chamber as of October 5, 2019.”

Council members expressed concern over the safeguarding of the mounted animals on display at the visitor center once it closes later this week. Council member Lou Heinbockel commented on the vast treasure that is on display and how some of the individuals who have loaned their mounts are no longer alive. Council member Audrey Brown said that the city should provide a receipt to anyone who comes in to claim their mounts.

The contract between the City of Delta Junction and Delta Medical Transport (DMT) expired on July 1, 2019. Since that time, DMT has continued to operate business as usual. At the meeting Tuesday evening, a new contract was approved. Compensation provided to DMT has now been set at $50,000 to be paid in quarterly installments. Both the city and DMT have the right to terminate the agreement with a 90-day notice. The new contract effective date will still be July 1, 2019, and is valid for two years. The contract can be renewed for either an additional two years or two one-year periods.

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