City Hall

The city council at the regular Tuesday evening meeting welcåçomed many of the candidates who are running for a position on the city council. Travis Reisner, Mary Leith, Stormie Mitchell, Lou Heinbockel and write-in candidate Lance Strickland were all present and addressed the council members and members of the community about who they are and what they plan to offer as a member of the council. Candidates Pamela Rawson and Igor Zaremba were not present.

City Administrator Ken Greenleaf spoke to the council about a planned community forum about the path forward for the community and emergency medical services. This planned event will be held at city hall on Wednesday, September 28 at 6 p.m.

Greenleaf intends that the meeting will be a conduit where the public can offer ideas and constructive feedback in the path for the future of EMS in the Delta area. Greenleaf said that this community forum is open to everyone and is not limited to only Delta Junction residents.

The ordinance for establishing extraterritorial jurisdiction was again on the agenda for a public hearing and adoption of the ordinance.

Local area resident Al Edgren voiced concern about the possibility of this being a way to impose taxes on the community. This concern was quickly responded to by Mayor JW Musgrove as that there is nothing in the ordinance about any taxing authority. Musgrove went on to say that the city would have no taxing authority outside of city limits.

Greenleaf added that Title 29 in the Alaska Statutes makes this issue really clear. Title 29 outlines what the city must include. He went on to say it does not matter what is convenient for the city or the people, Title 29 is pretty well cut and dried.

The ordinance was drafted with the wording used in Title 29. The ordinance was approved.

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