City Hall

At the December 15 City Council meeting, the Council addressed the remaining CARES Act funds that had not yet been awarded pending a Dec. 31 deadline to expend the funds by granting any remaining CARES funds to the Delta Greely School District. A separate motion was also passed at that meeting to award the community library up to $5,000 to assist patrons in accessing the library computer program during the COVID lockdown. These actions should have consumed the remainder of the outstanding CARES Act funding.

City Finance officer Stephanie Erickson announced to the council this week that the CARES Act funding that was supposed to expire on December 31, 2020, was extended to December 2021. As of the meeting on Tuesday, the check for the funds to the school district had not yet been sent.  Erickson asked the Council if they still intended to award the remainder of the funding to the school district or if the City wished to reserve some of the funds for the COVID related expenses for the City.

Council member Lou Heinbockel commented that he had been having second thoughts about the award granted to the school district.

“I feel that we may have to end up replacing an ambulance. With the insurance settlement and possibly the $30,000 left in the CARES funding, it gives us a way to a new ambulance,” said Heibockel.

Council member Pete Hallgren made a motion that the City hold off on sending the previously awarded CARES Act funding to the School District until after the City learns the total cost of the damage to their ambulance.

The motion passed.

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