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With the recent resignation of Mayor JW Musgrove, Deputy Mayor Freda Degnan called Tuesday night’s meeting of the Delta Junction city council to order.

Degnan read out loud the letter of resignation tendered by Musgrove. Following which the council voted to accept the resignation. Upon the acceptance of the resignation, Degnan automatically ascended to the position of Mayor of the City of Delta Junction.

Council member Lou Heinbockel was elected by the council to fill Degnan’s former position as deputy mayor. 

Heinbockel made it clear that although he is willing to serve as deputy mayor until his term of office ends in 2021, he has no interest in running for an additional term of office citing his advancing age. Heibockel has in the past made similar statements and has changed his position.

After the meeting Degnan commented that she is confident she can do the job. 

“I am still learning and will be going day by day. Besides which, I have a lot of good people I can go to for advice.” she said.

When asked about any changes she may consider, Degnan said that she plans on having much shorter meetings and will try to keep comments and discussions on topic.

At Tuesday’s meeting, council members spent close to 15 minutes during the correspondence section of the meeting hearing from a business owner about a leach field issue where they are interested in purchasing part of a City right of way. Council later discussed the issue during council comments at the end of the meeting, expressing opinions on the topic though no formal proposal has been presented to Council about the issue.

The meeting on Tuesday evening lasted about 90 minutes.

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