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School district staff work to disinfect Delta Elementary School following the report of a positive test for the coronavirus within the school population.

Delta Elementary School is set to reopen this morning following a positive test for coronavirus within the school over the weekend. The school district says they were notified Saturday that someone at the school tested positive. The district took mitigation efforts, including keeping the school closed on Monday and doing a deep cleaning of the school to prevent further spread of the virus.

According to Superintendent Shaun Streyle, the school is ready to reopen under the district’s medium risk plan. Streyle placed the district at the medium risk level, with the exception of the Gerstle River School, following the positive test for the virus within the school.

Under the medium risk level, additional measures are in place to prevent the spread of the virus. The measures include asking parents to transport students to school to provide for better social distancing on the buses, arranging for classes to be split in some cases to allow for more social distancing, limitations on entry to the school, and additional cleaning measures.

Under the medium risk level, parents and visitors to the schools are limited to those that have scheduled appointments.

The district opened the school year under the medium risk plan and went to a low risk plan following the first two weeks of school with no positive tests for the virus within the school population.

When asked whether the person that tested positive was a student, staff member, or volunteer at the school, Streyle said the district’s policy, as outlined in a letter he sent to parents in August, is to not identify if the infected individuals is a student or staff member.

Delta Junction has experienced a recent surge in positive tests for the coronavirus, with four people testing positive in the days leading up to and into the weekend, and three people having tested positive the week before. According to the data released by public health officials, Delta Junction now has seven active cases. A total of 16 residents have tested positive, with nine no longer positive. No one from Delta Junction has died or been hospitalized because of the virus.

The state reported one new case outside of Delta Junction in the Southeast Fairbanks Census Area on Monday. The census area has had a total of 34 cases, with 12 considered active. Of the 12 active cases, seven are in Delta Junction, four in Tok, and the one new case outside of those communities reported on Monday. One person in the census area has been hospitalized as a result of the virus. The Southeast Fairbanks Census Area includes much of the Eastern Interior from the Denali and Fairbanks North Star Borough east to the Canadian border.

The state has also seen a recent increase in the number of positive tests for the virus, with 197 new cases reported on Monday. Anchorage continues to have the highest number of cases with 102 new cases. Fairbanks had 40 new cases on Monday, with North Pole having 15. The total number of Alaska resident cases is 8,613, with 3, 699 active cases.

The state alert level is high.

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