City Hall

The annual period for interested people to enter their names for a position on the Delta Junction City Council has closed with four Council seats up for election and only one person submitting a declaration of candidacy.

Current Council Member Erin Catterson, who was appointed to the council in December 2020, submitted her application to appear on the ballot to finish out the council seat position she occupies after the resignation of Mayor JW Musgrove.

Catterson was on the ballot in October 2020 but was defeated by current council member and former mayor, Pete Hallgren.

Three other council seats are up for election in October and currently have no candidates.

Seat A and Seat E, currently held by Lou Heinbockel and Charles Lester, respectively, are open as neither has chosen to run for reelection. Seat D is open to fill the term remaining caused by the resignation of Mayor Freda Degnan. One year remains on the term.

The city council is comprised of seven seats.

Heinbockel currently serves as mayor following Degnan’s departure. He moved up from the position of deputy mayor which is held by Pete Hallgren. Following the election Council will fill both the mayor and deputy mayor positions.

Even though there are three seats with no candidates listed, people may still choose to write-in on their ballot the names of those whom they feel would make a valuable addition to the City Council during the October 5 election.

People who have their names written in on the ballot must be Alaska residents who have resided within the city limits of Delta Junction for at least one year and a registered voter.

If there are no write-in candidates entered on the election ballot returned at the polls, the city will solicit letters of interest from City residents to fill the positions.

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