As areas of the country and the world see a sharp increase in positive coronavirus tests, the local area continues to see few positives According to local providers, only two Delta Junction area residents tested positive for the coronavirus at local facilities during July. The State of Alaska reported six new cases in local residents during the same period.

There are often variations between local data and state data due to testing locations. Individuals that are tested in other facilities but list Delta Junction as their address appear on state data regardless of the test location.

Schools begin next week, and the federal government has issued recommendations that students wear masks and social distance as much as possible while at school. The Delta Greely School District supports the wearing of masks and social distancing but is not requiring them. The district is also at a low risk level.

Last year the district started at a medium risk level with limits on classroom size and other mitigation strategies. As the year progressed the district eventually went to a low risk level after the implementation of remote learning for a short period during a spike in local positive tests.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) continues to require masks on all public conveyances, including school buses.

The CDC guidance continues to change regularly, and currently calls for the wearing of masks by anyone over the age of two when indoors whether the person has been vaccinated or not. This is only a recommendation and not a mandate.

The number of positive tests for the coronavirus performed by local providers hit its high in mid-March when 46 positive tests were reported in a single week. March and November have been the highest two months with the total each month over 106.

The statewide alert level is now high, with over 10 positives per 100,000 population average over the past 14 days in all regions of the state. The Delta area remains lower than other tracked communities in the Interior and statewide.

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