Patrick Cassidy stands with members of the Pioneers of Alaska after delivering an ADA compliant picnic table to Pioneer Park. The table has an extended top on one end to allow someone in a wheelchair to roll their wheelchair under the table top. Contributed photo.

Delta Junction now has several handicap accessible picnic tables. Patrick Cassidy, son of Michael and Lori Cassidy, completed the tables as part of his Eagle Scout project. A member of Troop 1092 in Fairbanks, Patrick recognized the need for the tables here in Delta Junction. 

Tables were delivered to the Deltana Fair Grounds, Pioneer Park, Delta Junction City Park, and the Delta Junction Visitors Center.

Patrick has been a resident of Delta Junction since he was four years old. He began Cub Scouts at the age of seven, and worked his way through Webelo Scouts, while also earning his Parvuli Dei Religious Knot and Medal and The Arrow of Light Award.

Patrick crossed over to Boy Scouts at age 11. He worked with Delta Junction Troop 2056, camping and completing many merit badges and community service projects. During this time, Patrick was diagnosed with autism, increasing the difficulty with earning his ranks and making his merit badges harder to achieve. 

Patrick eventually transferred to Fairbanks Troop 1092 to complete his remaining advancements in rank, work on additional leadership skills, community service in both Fairbanks and Delta Junction, and work on his Eagle Project. With support from the Delta Junction community, Patrick also was the top popcorn seller for this area for almost as many years as he has been a Scout.

Thanks to the donations from Delta Building Supply, Deltana Fair Association, the City of Delta Junction City Council, Pioneers of Alaska Men’s Igloo #35 and Women’s Igloo #19, and the Delta Chamber of Commerce.

Patrick is a recent graduate of Raven Homeschool.