Big Delta Brewing Co

Heavy smoke lingers around the Big Delta Brewing Co. Restaurant Monday morning. Fire crews found a malfunctioning heater with no damage to the building.

A report of smoke outside the Big Delta Brewing Company Restaurant Monday morning had fire departments scrambling and hoping to not have a repeat of a fire like the one that destroyed the Clearwater Lodge last fall. Departments were dispatched about 8:20 a.m. to a structure fire at the restaurant. Follow up information indicated smoke was seen coming from the rear of the building.

Crews from Fort Greely, City of Delta Junction, and Rural Deltana Fire Departments along with Delta Medical Transport responded to the alarm. The first units to arrive on scene confirmed the presence of smoke coming from the rear of the building and were quickly able to isolate that it was coming from an exhaust vent from what appeared to be the heating system. No fire was visible inside the building.

With the appearance of no active fire inside the building, personnel reached out to the business owner and waited their arrive before entering the building so as not to damage the building gaining entry. Once the owner arrived, crews investigated and confirmed that the fire was contained to the heating equipment and there appeared to be no damage to the building.

Owner Ken Greenleaf said they had someone checking the heating unit Monday afternoon and there was no damage, and the restaurant will be open as normal at 11 a.m. on Tuesday for take-out. The restaurant is currently being remodeled and will be open for dine-in service once the renovations are complete.

Greenleaf said, “we appreciate the awesome support from the community.”

Fire crews remained on scene for approximately 30 minutes investigating the fire.

Michael Paschall is the publisher of the Delta Wind and covers general news topics. He can be reached at