Missile in Silo at Fort Greely

In this file photo a missile sits in a silo at Fort Greely ready for launch in the event of an incoming ICBM. 

Anchorage Daily News says the Associated Press is reporting that the Missile Defense Agency is cancelling its contract with Boeing effective Thursday, Aug. 22 to redesign the kill vehicle on the interceptor missiles. The new kill vehicle was to be installed on the additional interceptors to be placed at Fort Greely. The infrastructure for the new missiles is currently under construction at Greely.

“The Pentagon is pulling the plug on a billion-dollar, technically troubled project to build a better weapon that would destroy incoming missiles. The move is aimed in part at considering new approaches to missile defense at a time of rapid technological change,” reports ADN in an article posted online today.

No official word was given on whether the cancellation of the design project for a new kill vehicle will change the expansion plans, but the cancellation brings into question the status of the expansion as well as the current missiles.

Alaska Public Media says Boeing was currently on pause with design of the new kill vehicle while the project was being reviewed. Quoting the Pentagon as saying it will pursue a “next-generation interceptor.” Whether that would be a new missile launched from in ground silos as the missiles are Fort Greely are set to do, or whether it is some other platform is unknown.

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