Burned yard

The burned lawn behind a house at the first wildland fire of the season in Delta Junction.

Delta experienced its first wildland fire Friday afternoon at a residence off the Richardson Highway near the old Motel 7.

A resident of the home was cooking and had a small fire start in the kitchen. They took the burning item outside and subsequently started a grass fire that burned the lawn behind the house. The fire burned up to the house but did not damage the home.

Chief Tim Castleberry with the Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department praised the young man for his quick thinking to take the burning item out of the house.

“He took one of the right steps with the cooking fire,” said Castleberry, “unfortunately the grass fuels are dry, and a small outside fire resulted in the yard.”

“Fortunately, the home was not damaged,” Castleberry added.

Although the fire burned up to the house, Castleberry said the house was never threatened due to the light fuels in the yard. Once the fire burned through the grass it pretty much extinguished itself Castleberry said.

Castleberry said there was a strong wind at the time, but the moisture in the woods around the yard helped stop the spread of the fire.

Fire department personnel watered down the burned area and the perimeter of the fire.