Five Loaves Pantry.jpg

A newly formed non-profit organization coined the “Five Loaves Pantry” or “5LP” is bringing relief in the form of prepaid grocery gift cards to those who might be facing food insecurity in the Delta Junction community. 

In hopes to alleviate any concerns regarding anonymity, the Five Loaves Pantry offers a secure and confidential method of applying for grocery assistance by having made the application process discrete and able to be completed entirely online. 

The Board Members of Five Loaves Pantry are made up of individuals serving in multiple facets of the Delta Junction community and come from all walks of life. 5LP President, Laci Jacques, feels as if leading this organization is something she was chosen by God to see through. 

“As President, I hope to continue to grow Five Loaves Pantry to a point where it becomes a household name locally, so that our neighbors, recipients, and donors share our name in everyday communication,” said Jacques. 

The hope of the newly formed organization is that not one person would go without food due to feeling uncomfortable or ashamed of requesting help. “If a person or family is in need of food, our hope is that they can easily and confidentially reach out to us, and we can provide them with assistance quickly, without regards to income or employment status,” states Vice President Sebastian Saarloos. “Often the process to apply for assistance is a timely and nuanced ordeal. This hopefully will prove to be the opposite and will fill a need for people in our community.” 

Numerous Five Loaves Pantry members came together May 16 to celebrate the establishment of the organization with an informal ribbon cutting ceremony at Delta Clearwater Campground. Officiator Paul Jacques spoke of his wife’s commitment to the organization with pride.

People in need of food assistance can apply in the comfort of their own home by visiting the Five Loaves Pantry website at and clicking on the “I Need Help” button.  Those who would like to serve this new mission can make a monetary donation by also visiting the website and clicking on the “I Want to Donate” button. Donations can also be sent to P.O. Box 1758, Delta Junction Alaska, 99737 or made online through PayPal. Additional questions can be directed to Laci Jacques at telephone number (937)-583-1408.