Missile in Silo at Fort Greely

In this file photo a missile sits in a silo at Fort Greely ready for launch in the event of an incoming ICBM. 

Fort Greely appears to have again been placed in a shelter in place mode following the launching of two projectiles by North Korea earlier today. This is the second occurrence of launches by North Korea within a week.

CNN reports the Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed the launch that was originally reported by South Korea. The launches do not pose a threat to the United States CNN reports. CNN says the information comes from US officials.

Attempts to contact Fort Greely officials to confirm if the post is still in a shelter in place mode or to verify the status of post were unsuccessful.

US Army Garrison Alaska Fort Wainwright Public Affairs confirmed that a shelter in place was issued for Fort Greely at 12:15 today ending at 12:29, and was again issued at 12:31 and ending at 12:44.

Michael Paschall is the editor and publisher of Delta Wind and can be reached at editor@deltawindonline.com.