Window tinting

Examples of legal and illegal window tinting in Alaska.

Common on military bases is the arrival of individuals from around the country – and world – with their vehicles. With vehicle laws varying to some extent from state to state, some vehicles arrive noncompliant with some requirements. One that is common in Alaska is the status of tinted windows.

Alaska has one of the most restrictive requirements for window tinting in the country, requiring that the windshield and front driver and passenger window allow at least 70 percent of the light to pass through those windows and 40 percent on other windows. Many states allow as little as 35 percent of light to pass through windows, while some state allow no window tinting.

The restrictions are based upon where the vehicle is operated, not where the vehicle is licensed, so a vehicle arriving from Outside must have tinting that allows at least 70 percent of the light to pass through the windows when it enters the state or the vehicle is in violation of Alaska Administrative Code.

Complaints began to appear on local social media pages in late August about Fort Greely Police writing tickets at the entrance gate to Fort Greely to drivers of vehicles that didn’t meet Alaska’s requirement. Fort Greely posted on social media that officers have the authority to contact drivers of vehicles believed to be in violation.

“If a vehicle approaches the gate, or an officer on patrol observes what appears to be window tint that exceeds the specified limitations, they have probable cause and authority to make contact with the operator.

“The officers have Window Tint Meters which would determine the Visible Light Transference (VLT) and it would determine if it meets or exceeds the limitations.”

Fort Greely’s post on Facebook received numerous responses, all negative, about the level of enforcement.

Delta Wind contact Fort Greely about the issue and was given this response, “The Fort Greely Police are expected to enforce all applicable state and federal laws for the safety of our patrons. Enforcement of all laws, including window tinting is not a new effort on Fort Greely. There has been an increase in the number of window tinting cases processed on Fort Greely. For this reason we felt it prudent to notify our community of the code and remind them that it is enforceable.”

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