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Update: As of 6 p.m. power has been restored to all customers.

A power outage Thursday morning left 814 GVEA customers in the Delta Junction area without power when a feed from the Jarvis Creek substation went out after several flickers. According to GVEA, the original outage occurred about 10:35 a.m. and most customers were restored about 11:45 a.m., although the power continued to flicker during most of the day.

According to Corinne Bradish with GVEA, two line crews were dispatched to search for the cause of the outage which is thought to be in the Shaw Creek area. Additional crews have also been dispatched to use drowns and other equipment to locate the cause of the problem. According to a Facebook post by the company, they believe a tree is on the power line.

Power went out again about 1 p.m. said Bradish, with most customers being restored about 2:15 p.m. As of 4:30 p.m. 45 customers were still without power as crews look for the cause.

Bradish said crews will continue to work until the source of the problem is located. Crews are working in temperatures slightly below zero with winds of about 35 mph.

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