Golden Valley Electric Association offices have been closed on Fridays as the company trains employees and works to implement a new account management system.

The new system, called MyGVEA, can be accessed through the web, smartphone, or tablet as a single sign-on. There will be no need for separate logins to access the online portal and app. The system is scheduled to go live in January.

One benefit members will see is more predictable billing dates. One complaint that has been voiced in the past is that bills and payment dates very from month to month and cause problems for some members on limited incomes.

Customers will be able to report service issues with the new mobile app and contact customer service for requests or with any questions they have.

The new system will require some action by users who currently use autopay. Anyone using autopay will have to re-enroll to keep autopay active. GVEA says more information will be made available when the action is needed.

Current autopay is anticipated to be deactivated on December 30, with the new system coming online on January 9. Unfortunately, there will be some limitations on what payment services are available during the transition and GVEA has said they will work with customers to minimize any issues associated with the changeover.

To learn more and to keep up to date about these changes visit, www.gvea.com/mygvea or call the GVEA member services team at 907-452-1151.

Michael Paschall is the publisher of the Delta Wind and covers general news topics. He can be reached at news@deltawindonline.com.