GVEA Benevolent Fund Check

Abbigail Dillard, GVEA director of member services and Jason Kempthorne, Love INC executive director hold a check from GVEA for its initial contribution of $250,000 to start the GVEA Benevolent Fund to support members needing assistance with their electric bills due to financial hardship. The fund is being administered by Love INC.

Due to the pandemic, the number of delinquent accounts have more than doubled. 

Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) is launching the GVEA Benevolent Fund – Members Serving Members, with the goal of assisting members struggling to pay their electric bill due to financial hardship.

Since the pandemic started, GVEA has seen a substantial increase in delinquent accounts. In 2019, there was an average of 725 delinquent accounts per month; this year there is an average of 1,680 delinquent accounts per month.

GVEA is starting the fund with $250,000 of non-operating dollars. These dollars are not associated with providing electric service to our members. Therefore, members will see no impact to their bill due to the Benevolent Fund.

Members of the public have expressed an interest in contributing financial assistance to help others with their electric bills. Through this program, individuals can contribute to the fund.

Love INC is administering the fund on behalf of GVEA. Love INC will accept contributions from the community, and review applications from GVEA members who are behind on their electric payments using eligibility criteria established to determine financial need. Love INC may provide further assistance for members in need through additional programs and services they are partnered with throughout the community.

For more information, visit www.gvea.com/benevolent or visit Love INC’s office located at 609 3rd Street, Fairbanks.

To contribute to the GVEA Benevolent Fund, visit loveincfairbanks.org/gvea_benevolent_fund_donation.

To apply for financial assistance from the GVEA Benevolent Fund, visit loveincfairbanks.org/gvea_benevolent_fund_application.