Ken Greenleaf

Current City Administra-tor Mary Leith announced her resignation from the position of city administrator at the February 15 city council meeting. Leith’s last day as a city employee will be April 29. Leith had been a member of the city council for 27 years when she assumed the position of city administrator in 2015.

With the announcement of Leith’s impending departure, a search was initiated to fill the position. The city received eight applications for the position. Five of the interested parties were from Delta Junction, one was from Wasilla, one was from Brattleboro, Vermont and one was from Magnolia, Mississippi.

The eight applications were reviewed by Mayor J.W. Musgrove, City Administrator Mary Leith, Deputy Mayor Mike Prestegard, and Council Member Pete Hallgren. Of the applicants, three Delta residents were chosen to be interviewed: Henry Muth, Judy Hicks, and Ken Greenleaf.

City administrator Mary Leith was silent when asked what criteria was used to choose those to be interviewed.

Among those not invited to be interviewed was an applicant who held a master’s degree in psychology, criminal justice, and jurist doctor as well as some experience as a city manager and one with considerable experience in municipal and business finance as well as a master’s degree in business administration.

It was announced at the City Council meeting on Tuesday evening that Ken Greenleaf was chosen to be the next city administrator for Delta Junction. Greenleaf currently is finishing his commitment with the United States Army at Fort Greely where he serves as executive officer of the 49th Middle Defense Battalion. He is scheduled to retire in May.

Greenleaf holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management from Franklin University in Columbus Ohio and an MBA in Small Business Development from Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester New Hampshire. He completed the United States Army's Officer Candidate School in 2005.

He is the owner of the Big Delta Brewing Co. and restaurant and very recently purchased the Alaskan Steakhouse.

When asked if the city administrator position might push his limits on time, he responded that he has a very good and loyal crew who do their jobs extremely well. He went on to express that he will have a full-time job with the city and a nighttime job with his other business.

Greenleaf said that he hopes to bring clarity, definition, and action to his new position with the city.

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