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GVEA is currently in the process of implementing a new customer portal and management system. The new system, called MyGVEA, will provide new features to GVEA members but requires some significant adjustments for members.

The new system, which went live on January 9, resulted in the inability for payments to be processed after December 30 online or through autopay. Payments could be dropped off at the drop box in Delta Junction or mailed to GVEA, however. In addition, billing dates for the Delta Junction area will be slightly adjusted. 

The combination will result in the December and January usage being billed in a single month.

GVEA customers in Delta Junction whose meters were read in late November/early December will be read again around January 22, resulting in a single billing cycle of approximately two months. The new bills will be issued around January 31 and due on February 27.

If the November/early December bill was not paid by the December 30 cutoff date for the old system, the old amount will appear on the new bill.

GVEA says no late fees will be assessed through the end of February, and no interruption of service will be issued through the end of February – approximately the same time that the new bill will be due. The suspension of late fees does not appear to affect the two-month bill cycle.

GVEA did say, “GVEA will continue to provide up to four one-week payment extensions and two payment plans per year for members who need additional assistance to keep their account current.”

If you used autopay in the past, you must register again in the new MyGVEA system to begin autopay with the end of January bill. You must have an account balance of $0.00 to register for autopay. GVEA says you will need to pay any current balance and then register for autopay.

As a result of the zero-balance requirement, those wanting to use autopay for the January 31 bill when it becomes due must register for autopay before the bill is issued, leaving Delta area customers less than two weeks to create access in the new system and set up autopay.

Information on setting up access in MyGVEA is available at

Billing records prior to the changeover will not be available in the new system but may be obtained by contacting GVEA customer service at 907-452-1151. Your billing history will be available in the new system.

Unfortunately, the double billing period falls during the highest usage period for most residential customers based upon information Delta Wind was able to obtain. Fortunately, the currently moderate temperatures should help those who have higher usage during the winter due to the operation of heating devices.

Registering for the new system seems to be fairly simple, requiring you to have your account number, which is available on old bills, last name on the account, an email address, and your billing zip code. Once you enter the information, GVEA will email you instructions to verify your new account. Your user name on the new system will be your email address.

You will also have to create a security phrase of at least five characters to set up payment information.

GVEA says it is currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes due to the changeover.

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