Alaska State Trooper (AST) Vehicle

Kirk McCutcheon, age 57, of Delta Junction was arrested following an altercation in the parking lot of The Cave Wine Bar and Grille on Oct. 30. According to court documents, McCutcheon had been arguing with his wife when he pulled a switch blade knife.

McCutcheon allegedly pushed his wife into a pickup truck and an unknown individual pulled him off of her at which time McCutcheon pulled a switch blade knife and started swinging it at the individual who then left the area.

McCutcheon then proceeded toward a group of people as they exited a vehicle, fell, and knocked himself out.

After regaining consciousness, he then moved toward his wife who was intoxicated and sitting on a bench in from of the liquor store. A citizen attempted to remove the switchblade from McCutcheon. but was not successful and another individual sprayed the two with bear spray to prevent McCutcheon from reaching his wife who he had been arguing with.

McCutcheon was charged with Assault IV and Disorderly Conduct and taken to Fairbanks Correction Center.

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