Roy Gilbertson Memorial

About 200 people turned out for the memorial service for former Mayor and businessman Roy Gilbertson on Sunday.

About 200 people turned out Sunday afternoon for a memorial service for former Delta Junction mayor and business leader Roy Gilbertson on the soccer field at the City Park.

With a light breeze and partly cloudy skies, Pastor Dave Becker opened the service with a history of Gilbertson’s life and his arrival in Delta Junction as a teenager. Working in construction, Gilbertson later started his own businesses that included construction, a service station, and Delta Building Supply. Gilbertson also developed a significant amount of property in the area.

Becker continued with more details about Gilbertson’s life followed by other speakers who spoke about Gilbertson’s generously and accomplishments, including his advocacy for placing the Groundbased Midcourse Missile Defense System at Fort Greely.

Other friends and business partners spoke at the end of the service about their association with Gilbertson.