Ever cut a Box Tops for Education label off of a box? That’s just the beginning. After you cut them out, hang on to them, and turn them in at a collection location, someone has to count them and send them in for redemption. Counting dimes is enough of a pain, but those box tops – that are worth ten cents each to the school – are even more work.

The program is changing. Although a few brands will continue to have the same Box Tops for Education coupons, most are changing to a new system that will allow you to scan your receipt and have the money automatically go to the school of your choice. No more cutting, collecting, and counting.

The program has a new app that you can put on your phone to collect box tops for your school. The app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and on the web at https://www.boxtops4education.com/.

Once you have downloaded the app, enter the necessary information, search by zip code and select the school of your choice, and finish by filling out some additional information. You are then ready to scan receipts and have the money sent directly to the school.

You have 14 days to scan a receipt after the purchase date.

As the program shifts, the challenge is that your receipt has to be suitable for scanning by the app. Currently receipts from IGA do not scan in the app, however larger stores, such as Fred Meyer and Safeway, do. Delta Wind is currently investigating how this will impact the giving to local schools in the program.

Four Delta Junction area schools participate in the program. Delta Junction Elementary School, Delta Junior High (formally Fort Greely Middle School), Raven Homeschool (formally Raven Correspondence School), and Whitestone Farms Training.

Delta Junior High says they have been sending their box tops to the elementary school, so it is better to select the elementary school directly.

During the changeover and as long as some products use the cut-out coupon, Delta Elementary will continue to have a collection box at the school and at the IGA, said Delta Elementary School principal Bill Johnson.

Another big advantage for the school is they get a more up to date accounting of how much money they will be receiving.

The program is also offering some incentives to schools for the beginning of the school year. Now through Nov. 15, you can enter to win a $20,000 makeover for the school. Five schools will win as a part of the contest. You can also enter for your school to win 25,000 bonus box tops ($2,500), 

The program has given over $913 million to schools. Local school earnings are: Delta Elementary –$17,300; Raven Homeschool – $1,911; Fort Greely School – $664; Whitestone Training – $646.

Michael Paschall is the editor and publisher of Delta Wind and can be reached at editor@deltawindonline.com.