The State of Alaska reported one new positive test for the coronavirus in Delta Junction in data released on Friday. The cause of transmission is listed as under investigation. No other information is available from the state as to whether the individual is physically in Delta Junction and the cause of transmission is listed as under investigation.

Interior Alaska Medical Center reported on Saturday that they received a positive test result for an individual on Thursday with a Fairbanks address that was working in Delta Junction. The individual has no symptoms of COVID-19 and their employer has been notified and is taking precautions.

According to the state reporting guidelines, these should be two different individuals, but the state has not been able to confirm this information.

This brings the total case count for Delta Junction to eight resident cases with three currently listed as active and five recovered. Of those, three are listed as source transmission of secondary contact, one travel related, and four under investigation.

There has been a total of 12 nonresident cases associated with Delta Junction, with four of those cases currently listed as active and the other eight as recovered. There have been no new nonresident cases since mid August. Most of these cases have been associated with the Pogo mine.

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