A positive test for coronavirus in a local resident was reported by Interior Alaska Medical Center on Wednesday. The case is not travel related. No other information is available on the case.

With the new case today and the new case last week, the total number of cases for Delta Junction is now nine with four considered active. Once someone tests positive, they remain active until they have been symptom free for 10-14 days and have tested negative at least 10 days after their last positive test.

One positive case for a Fairbanks resident that works in Delta Junction was also announced last week. That case is considered a Fairbanks case under the reporting guidelines and is not considered associated with Delta Junction.

There has been a total of 12 nonresident cases associated with Delta Junction, with four of those cases currently listed as active and the other eight as recovered. There have been no new nonresident cases since mid-August. Most of these cases have been associated with the Pogo mine.

State data and locally collected data may vary do to reporting mechanisms.

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