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Partners for Progress in Delta held the first in a series of workshops on presenting your business on social media. The workshop, with 16 participants, had the largest attendance of any recent workshop said Tawina Butorac, executive director of Partners.

The workshop was held at the Career Advancement Center on North Clearwater Avenue across from Delta High School. The workshop was a casual environment labeled as a “Social Media Meet and Greet.”

Stacy Peterson, who works at the center facilitated the workshop that addressed many of the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Of those attending the workshop, all had a presence on Facebook and Instagram, but only three indicated they actively posted about their business.

Peterson defined social media as, “Applications and or platforms that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, interests, networking and other forms of expression via virtual communities.”

Facebook was the most popular platform discussed during the session and generated the most questions. Peterson said that 1.6 billion people use Facebook daily, and is dominated by females, which represent three-fourths of the users. The average user is on Facebook for 20 minutes per visit and the most active times are midweek during the middle of the day.

The platform is, “Designed to build community and connect with your customers,” said Peterson.

She talked about the differences between feeds used by individuals and services available to business such as pages, groups, and events.

Instagram is more of a photo rich platform said Peterson. It allows users to share photos and use hashtags to attract new people to view content based upon the hashtag associated with the photo. Instagram is also dominated by women with a little over half of the users being female.

Pinterest is more of a social bulletin board said Peterson, allowing users to group information and pin it to a board to be seen by users. Again, dominated by females who represent seven out of ten users. The average session is 14 minutes.

She described Twitter as more of a fast paced miniblog with users’ posts limited to 280 characters. It is currently the fourth most popular social media platform.

YouTube was also discussed during the workshop, the video rich environment averages 11.7 minutes per video with the most popular videos being product reviews and how-to videos. It was the only platform dominated by men who represent 62 percent of the users.

Peterson explained to the group that regardless of which platform used, it was important to have visibility and balance quality and quantity. She suggested business post things that solve problems for customers and limit sales to about 20 percent of posts.

“Not every post has to be a sales pitch,” she said.

The series continues tonight. For more information, contact Partners for Progress at 895-4605.

Michael Paschall is the editor and publisher of Delta Wind and can be reached at