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The Partners for Progress in Delta, Inc. (PPD) Board came together over the last year to develop a new direction and vision for the future of the Delta Career Advancement Center (DCAC).

With the ever-increasing struggle of competing with online classes and the needs of the community changing, the Board decided that it was time to make a change. These changes included incorporating most, but not all, of the college credit classes into the daily high school program. The Board also decided to incorporate more workshops into the schedule. This allows the community to participate in learning for a minimal fee and less of a time commitment. Many of these workshops will be taught by our partners; Alaska Works, UAF Cooperative Extension and UAF Community and Technical College. However, the Board recognizes that there is a wealth of knowledge right here in our community and would like to encourage those community members to come in and share that knowledge. Below is a list of classes that the DCAC has been asked to provide over the years.

Wastewater/Drinking water

Administrative - Accounting/Basic Budgeting/Word/Excel/Microsoft Suites

Small Business - Marketing/Social media/Tourism/websites

Homeowner 101 -Basics of Pesticides/tile, grout, drywall, freeze-ups

Boilers, refrigerators, pellet stoves, wood stoves, chimney cleaning/House staging for sellers

Automotive Survival 101 – change tire, check oil, change wipers, etc

Forestry - red cards/chainsaw safety

Agriculture - cottage foods/compost center/site visits with local farms/meat cutting and livestock - beginners/financing/breeding

Trades - CDL/Mechanics

Technician - appliance

Preventative - Opioids/suicide

Wilderness Training - Avalanche/snow machine safety and repair/Survival basics/First Aid

Elder Population - Exercise/in home care/transportation

The DCAC is actively looking for instructors for the spring semester. These classes can be held in person or via Zoom.

If you know of anyone interested in teaching and making a little extra money, please have them contact the Delta Career Advancement Center. If you would like more information or have a training need please call the Delta Career Advancement Center at 895-4605 or email us at

For upcoming events check our website at

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