Political Satire Accidentally Posted to City’s Facebook Page

Meme accidentally posted to the City of Delta Junction Facebook page Wednesday night.

Wednesday night a political satire meme of Rep. George Rauscher was posted to the City of Delta Junction’s Facebook page about Rauscher’s appearance in Wasilla for the Legislative Special Session called by Governor Michael Dunleavy. It was quickly removed, but not before it was seen by about a dozen people who expressed a “like” or commented on the post.

According to City Administrator Mary Leith, the post was accidentally made to the City’s page by her, and it was quickly removed. She said she accidentally selected the city’s page when making the post instead of posting to her own timeline.

Facebook ties pages to individual user accounts, and users have to make sure they are posting to the correct location when making a post. “It was completely unintentional,” she said.

One Facebook user commented, “Misuse of public resources for political purposes City of Delta Junction?” Another user responded, “The city government has an official stance and expresses it with memes?”

The meme originally appeared on the Alaska Political Memes Facebook page. Memes of all the legislators that went to Wasilla were posted on that page.

The Legislature has been divided between the Governor’s call for a special session in Wasilla, and the Legislature’s own call for a special session in Juneau. A lawsuit has been filed challenging the Juneau session where the majority of legislators appeared. Both of Delta Junction’s legislators, Sen. Mike Shower and Rep. George Rauscher chose to attend the Wasilla session which did not result in a quorum.

Michael Paschall is the editor and publisher of Delta Wind and can be reached at editor@deltawindonline.com.