According to a release from the Delta COVID-19 Incident Management Team, the state is reporting two positive test results for the coronavirus for individuals listed as residents of Delta Junction. The individuals work at the Pogo mine. As the state conducts its research and contact tracing, it is reported that only one of the individuals actually lives in Delta Junction, the other is believed to only have a Delta Junction post office box. The state is working to confirm that information.

The state also reported over the weekend that there were two additional nonresident cases associated with the Pogo mine. The nonresident cases are in addition to the Delta Junction cases.

None of the infected individuals were tested in Delta Junction says the state.

All of the infected individuals have been transported from the mine and are in isolation. None are in Delta Junction. Pogo said previously it was providing assistance to mine workers when they were not on the job site or if they tested positive to help keep the individuals isolated and to prevent travel into and out of the state.

These are the first two cases for Delta Junction residents since the beginning of April when an individual that works at Fort Greely returned to the state from traveling and tested positive after showing symptoms of the COVID-19 disease. The last report indicated this individual has recovered from the disease and returned to work.

Southcentral has seen a significant increase in the number of reported cases in the past several weeks, and Fairbanks, which saw several days with no new cases, is now reporting new cases almost daily. Anchorage has been seeing several new cases daily, as has the Kenai Peninsula. Statewide, the number of daily cases is up from a month ago.

Seward has seen more than a dozen new cases in the past several days. A Seward band traveled to Fairbanks and Anchorage to preform, and then did a performance in Seward. Two of the band members became sick and tested positive for the virus after returning to Seward. Widespread testing is being done for individuals that were at the Seward concert and in local establishments. Over 300 people have been tested so far. Most all downtown business in Seward have closed.

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