Middle Tanana Complex Fire July 13, 2022

Middle Tanana Complex fires as of Wednesday, July 13.

The Middle Tanana Complex Incident Management Team reports reduced activity on all of the nine fires within the complex after several days of rain. The total acres burned within the complex was reported as 57,934 acres Wednesday morning according to a press release Wednesday morning..

An Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) was assigned to the complex. The UAS includes not only the UAV (or drone), but also the team on the ground controlling the flight and the system in place that connects both of them. The UAS was used for mapping the Gold Hub and Central Creek with infrared-red technology. Since the team has to have direct line-of-sight with the drone, the remote fires without direct access could not be mapped.

Near the South Fork Fire along the lower Goodpaster River corridor, the firefighters will continue to implement structure protection around cabins and buildings. This work continues on the north side from river mile 26 to the confluence with the South Fork Goodpaster River.

Evacuation status on the Goodpaster River from mile 0 to river mile 8.6 is now in READY status. From river mile 8.6 to river mile 33.9 the status is not SET status. From the confluence with the South Fork Goodpaster River to Seven Mile Creek is in READY status. The group of cabins along the Goodpaster River at the mouth of Central Creek is in SET status.

Ready status references that individuals should make themselves ready to evacuate if it becomes necessary. Set status indicates that evacuation is possible and individuals should be set to leave at a moment’s notice if the status is change to go.

On the Pogo Mine Road, fire personnel are looking for natural features to check the Gold Hub Fire should it become active again. The Central Creek Fire spotted across Pogo Mine Road near mile 40 and firefighters scouted the area, identified and extinguished 6 to 10 spots that were found. The main fire did not cross the road and work continues to protect the adjacent powerlines and scout for future opportunities to stop the Central Creek Fire.

When weather allows, crews will fly into the Central Creek Airstrip Fire to check the sprinkler systems and pumps around structures there.

Smokejumpers working on the north side of the Salcha River near the Yukon Creek Fire completed their structure protection work on cabins between Butte Creek area and Flat Creek.

Weather in anticipated to continue to be wet with high humidity and lower temperatures which should help to continue to reduce fire activity.

Temporary Flight Restrictions are in place over the Gold Hub Fire.

The current smoke outlook for Interior Alaska can be obtained at www.outlooks.wildlandfiresmoke.net/outlook/fba6a113.

The Fire Information Office is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Delta High School. They can be reached by phone at 907-921-2548 or by email at 2022.middletanana@firenet.gov.

Michael Paschall is the publisher of the Delta Wind and covers general news topics. He can be reached at news@deltawindonline.com.