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Road conditions on area roads are deteriorating with blowing snow reducing visibility and creating drifts.

Many of the normal areas where drifts form such as the Richardson Highway next to Allen Army Airfield, Nistler Road, and Clearwater Road are becoming covered with drifts. Emmaus Road is almost impassable near the Alaska Highway. Many side roads are also drifting.

The area along the Richardson Highway next to Allen Army Airfield is especially bad. Blowing snow has visibility reduced to near zero in some places. Snow collecting on the roadway creates a complete whiteout where you cannot see to maintain road position.

The bridge over Jarvis Creek has several significant drifts forming.

If you have to drive in this area, keep your speed down to a safe level, use your flashers if you are driving at a significantly reduced speed, and watch the edge line or center line to maintain lane position. If you get stuck, remain in your vehicle until help arrives. You are better protected from oncoming traffic inside your vehicle than outside.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisor for high winds gusting up to 45 mph through 3 p.m. Monday. Temperatures are expected to continue to climb through Tuesday with a high of 21 degrees above zero expected before another cold trend arrives.

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