The Delta Greely School Board business meeting, which is held the third Thursday of every month, includes the always informative Principals’ Reports. Each school principal has an opportunity to share with the board the news and happenings in each of their schools. At the most recent meeting their reports included the Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools (PEAKS) test scores. The PEAKS assessment measures students’ understanding of the Alaska English Language Arts & Mathematics standards adopted in 2012. The PEAKS assessment is administered to students in grades 3-9.


Principal Bill Johnson presented Delta Elementary School PEAKS results, saying the DES students showed significant growth from last year's tests, but an accurate comparison is not completely possible as the 2016-2017 tests were done by paper/pencil while the 2017-2018 testes were computer-based.


However 55.4% percent of the 3 – 5 grade students scored at or above grade-level proficiency in English/Language Arts. They reached a 66.9% proficiency rating in Math. The fourth grade also took the state science test and showed a 62.4% proficiency rating. 

The elementary school is currently analyzing their most recent MAP scores to address student needs through this school year.


Principal Jeff Lansing shared his thoughts on the Junior High PEAKS scores, “Overall, our Jr. High's scores are better than the rest of the state.” Delta Junior High's reading scores showed 6-8 grade students were 50% proficient or advanced compared to the state average of 42%.  In Math, 6-8 graders were 46.6% proficient or advanced compared to the state average of 36.7%. Mr. Lansing said they are pleased with the progress of the students, and will continue to strive towards excellence.


Delta High School Principal Brett Stirling provided an overview of the PEAKS scores in the high school where ninth grade students were tested in math and reading, and tenth grade students were tested in science. The results showed 29.3% of students scored at or above proficiency in reading and 19.5% of students scored at or above proficiency in math. Tenth grade students at DHS scored considerably higher in science than the state average with 72.9% of tenth graders at or above proficiency, while statewide results found 47.2% of tenth graders at the same level of proficiency.