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The Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF) is reactivating its local detachment. Inactive for many years, the ASDF is an officially recognized support element to the Alaska State Guard under the Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs (DMVA). The unit will be a military police company.

ASDF began as the Alaska Territorial Guard during WWII and continues a tradition of generations of Alaskans who volunteered to protect the state and their communities said Maj. Jeff Kinsman, Delta Company commander.

Kinsman said, “ASDF personnel volunteer for a variety of reasons, but are primarily organized to provide a trained state military reserve supportive of homeland security, Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA), and other civil support operations.  ASDF Soldiers are equipped and receive training for various missions including communications, emergency management, military police, domain awareness, engineering, medical support, logistics, shelter management and chaplaincy services.

“We’re excited to be standing up the Delta Detachment, which would include Tok, Chicken, Glennallen and all surrounding Interior areas south of Fairbanks.”

Kinsman said that ASDF is open to all Alaskan citizens and although some military experience is preferred, it is not a requirement.

“The main attribute of an active ASDF Soldier is the desire to help fellow Alaskans and to learn new skills,” said Kinsman.

Volunteers receive unpaid training one weekend per month and are usually involved in a field exercise once per year. Recent ASDF deployments include support for COVID-19 quarantine information services at both Anchorage and Fairbanks International Airports.

For further information please check the ASDF website at or contact Kinsman directly at (907) 616-0495.

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