Beginning Aug. 11 new requirements have been issued for travelers coming into Alaska except those traveling under a critical infrastructure plan that has been approved by the state.

Under the new rules, non-critical infrastructure travelers coming into the state are required to compete a Travel Declaration form and a Self-Isolation Plan. The URL for the portal is

Travelers with negative test results must follow strict social distancing requirements for 14 days after arriving or until they have the results of a second negative test taken seven days or later after arriving in the state.

All travelers must have a test administered within 72 hours of departure for travel and bring test results with them or have them uploaded to the portal; or if awaiting results, show that a test has been administered. In leu of uploading the test information, it can be presented to a screener at the airport upon arrival.

For nonresident travelers, if they have not had a test administered within 72 hours of departure, they will be required to have a test performed at the airport for $250. They will also be required to self-quarantine at their own expense until test results are available. The 14-day self-quarantine is no longer an option.

Alaska residents returning to the state must also follow the 72-hour test rule but have the option of being tested upon arrival at no cost. Residents can choose to self-quarantine for 14 days in lieu of being tested.

The state will also provide an option for residents traveling within the state to have a free test preformed at airports to prevent spreading the virus to small, isolated communities.

Those claiming to be Alaska residents will have to present an Alaska driver’s license or state issued ID card; federally recognized Alaska Tribal identification card; or an active duty military ID card or active duty dependent ID card.

If moving to Alaska, in addition to identification, travelers will need an employment verification letter on employer letterhead or school verification letter for in-person schooling stating traveler is moving to Alaska for employment or school.

Critical infrastructure employees will not be provided state-funded testing and will be required to have a letter on company letterhead that states they are a critical infrastructure worker traveling for work purposes. These letters must include travel plans and confirm that the traveler is following the employer’s Community/Workforce Protective Plan on file with the state that includes testing and/or quarantine provisions.

Michael Paschall is the publisher of the Delta Wind and covers general news topics. He can be reached at