Alaska State Trooper (AST) Vehicle

Update: The suspect has been identified as Daniel Duane Jensen Jr., 59 of Delta Junction. Next of kin for Jensen has been notified. Law enforcement officers were in Delta Junction to apprehend Jensen on an outstanding felony warrant for multiple counts of Sexual Abuse of a Minor in the first and second degree stemming from an AST investigation. Jensen escaped from his third-party custodian in April of 2015. His family owned a mine located southeast of Delta Junction.

An incident this morning involving a wanted suspect and police resulted in the death of the suspect that has not been identified. According to a press release from the Alaska State Troopers, the U.S. Marshals’ Fugitive Task Force, which is comprised of members from the U.S. Marshals, the Alaska State Troopers and the Anchorage Police Department, along with the North Pole Police Department, were operating in the Delta Junction area.

According to the release, members of the Alaska State Troopers and the North Pole Police Department discharged their firearms during the incident. No law enforcement officers were injured during the incident.

The press release only identified the location as a remote area, however, emergency medical personnel responded to the area of 1399 Alaska Highway at about the same time this morning on a protocol indicating they were staging for police activity regarding a stabbing. According to radio traffic, no one was transported from the scene by medical personnel.

The Alaska State Troopers is assuming case responsibility. Personnel for the Alaska Bureau of Investigation (ABI) and the General Investigative Unit (GIU) are responding to conduct the investigation.

The name of the deceased will be released following next of kin notification. The law enforcement officers, from the North Pole Police Department and the Alaska State Troopers, that discharged their firearms will be identified following a 72-hour mandatory administrative leave.

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