Trooper Vehicle Vandalized

This trooper patrol car was vandalized Friday night and had to be taken out of service while it was cleaned and made available for use.

The Alaska State Troopers report that one of their vehicles was vandalized Friday night in Delta Junction. According to a press release, the trooper discovered his vehicle had been vandalized at 11:30 a.m. Saturday before going on shift. Eggs had been thrown at the vehicle striking the patrol vehicle, to a point the rear window was obscured with egg residue.

The trooper said the vehicle was parked after he ended his shift Friday night around midnight and the vandalism was discovered when he was outside the next morning. The vehicle was out of service for a period of an hour for cleaning and disinfecting.

Taking an emergency vehicle out of service is not only a safety issue for the community but is a serious crime.

Troopers said that during these serious times; an emergency vehicle and first responder not being able to respond to the needs of the community is a serious situation. The Delta Junction community has a very limited amount of law enforcement officers to respond to a wide spectrum of calls. The loss of one vehicle and patrol trooper could be catastrophic to the community.

Troopers say the case is under investigation and video surveillance footage is being reviewed.

Anyone with information concerning the incident is encouraged to contact the Alaska State Troopers at (907) 895-4800.

Michael Paschall is the editor and publisher of Delta Wind and can be reached at