Alaska State Trooper (AST) Vehicle

Alaska State Troopers are investigating a series of break-ins primarily in the area of the “fish” streets off of Souhrada Road.

According to a release from troopers, multiple thefts were report today from homes on Tamarac, Arctic Grayling, and Northern Pike Avenues, Possenti Lane, and Dickson Road. All of the locations are near the intersection of Souhrada Road and Remington Road, except for Possenti Lane, which runs off of Remington Road closer to the Clearwater State Recreation site.

Items reported as stolen include a Walther PPQ .380 semi-automatic pistol, cash, wallet, identification cards, and a Samsung 9 cellular phone.

The exact times of the thefts are not available. Anyone with information regarding these thefts is encouraged to contact AST at (907) 895-4800.

AST also recommends residents to lock their vehicles. 

Michael Paschall is the editor and publisher of Delta Wind and can be reached at