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Two Delta Junction residents were injured last night when a fire occurred in the cabin they lived in on Fifth Street near Bear Street. The extent of the injuries is not known, but according to a release form the Alaska State Troopers, the injuries were not life threating.

Fire departments were dispatched about 10:45 p.m. last night to a confirmed structure fire with injuries on Fifth Street. According to Tim Castleberry with Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department, it was unclear at the time of the dispatch the status of the victims or whether they were still in the structure.

Delta Medical Transport was the first responding department to arrive on scene and reported two victims. A second ambulance was requested from Fort Greely.

The first arriving fire units reported a small structure fully engulfed with fire. Fire personnel were able to quickly bring the fire under control and were on scene for a little over an hour extinguishing the fire.

According to the release from the troopers, the occupants were attempting to start their woodstove using gasoline as an accelerant. Castleberry said it was not clear the exact sequence of events, but the fumes from the gasoline ignited, resulting in the fire spreading outside the stove and igniting the structure and burning the occupants

City of Delta Junction, Rural Deltana, and Fort Greely fire departments all responded to the call, along with Delta Medical Transport and Alaska State Troopers.

The author is assistant chief of Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department and served as incident commander for the fire.

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