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Once again Delta’s loosely organized walking/hiking group will be gathering for weekly adventures in the great outdoors. This year’s program will be run much like last year’s.

Anyone and everyone is invited to join in on the walks. The group will meet at Pioneer Park next to the AT&T tower each Thursday at 10 a.m. The only exception will be the first walk scheduled for the Liewer Community Trail where everyone will meet at the parking lot of the high school.

Everyone will gather and carpool to the beginning of the hike or walk location. This is a no host, no sign up event and there is no need to reserve your spot or anything else. These walks are mostly 1 1/2 miles to 3 miles (12 to 24 furlongs) and range from easy to difficult. The goal of the group is to make new friends, or after the last COVID year, to see old friends. Also, it is a good chance to get some exercise and see and enjoy our beautiful area.  Come join for any one or all of the walks.

Always dress appropriately for Alaska’s changing weather. Always bring a snack and plenty of water for the length of the hike you want to participate in. 

If you have any questions, please call Carol Austin at (907) 460-7098 or Steve McCombs at (907) 803-7658.


Walking/Hiking Group Schedule

June 3, Liewer Community Trail, 1.2 miles per lap (easy)

June 10, Bluff Point, 3 miles (Moderate)

June 17, Delta River Bed, 3.3 miles. (Easy to moderate walking on riverbed)

June 24, Craig Lake, 3 miles

July 1, Clearwater Hill, 2.5 miles (Easy to moderate)

July 8, North Castner Creek, 1.5 miles (Easy to moderate walking on riverbed)

July 15, Sheefish Lake, 1.5 miles (Easy)

July 22 Tanana Bluff, 1 plus miles (Moderate to difficult)

July 29, Coal Mine Road First Cabin, 5 miles (Easy)


Aug. 5, Bear Creek, (Moderate to difficult continual 


Aug. 12, Gladtfelder-Moose Pond, 3 miles (Easy to Moderate)

Aug. 19, Bluff Cabin Trail, Can be as long as you want to  make it. Round trip 8 miles.