I have been honored to represent the community of Delta in Juneau for a little more than three and a half years. In that time, a lot of great things have happened. I would like to take this opportunity to re-visit a few. 

I authored HB 265 which grandfathered-in hotel businesses with a few rooms to rent, so they didn’t have to expand to 50 rooms to keep their beer and wine serving license. It also allowed non-profits, like the Delta Sportsman’s Association, to be open fewer hours of the day to meet their permit requirements. The bill was placed in Representative Adam Wool’s bill as an amendment on the floor, one of the last bills we managed to get passed that session.

 During POGO mine sales discussions, I was asked by Pete Hallgren about the existing agreements with the City of Delta. I met with North Star in Anchorage and there was agreement during that discussion that they would keep, not just the monetary agreements, but also the jobs for workers from Delta in place.

Three years ago, the Department of Defense was asking the Delta School District for an estimated $6 million to demolish the schoolhouse on Fort Greely. I went to our congressional delegation and after many talks and meetings, got assurance that the School District will not have to shoulder the bill.

When the missile program was Reported to shut down, I called a meeting on base to qualify that the ADN had reported it wrong and make sure we were to keep our program moving despite the kill-head change.

A few years ago, my office brought the DNR and Parks Director to a meeting with the Delta community, and we prevented the scheduled closure of the campgrounds. 

Then the Diamond Willow Hotel asked me to write a bill to allow advertising businesses on separate properties owned by the same business owner, I did.

I fought the governor’s administration when they tried to end dairy inspections for current farmers, like Plagerman’s, as well as new ones coming online. I am constantly fighting for those road projects and repairs that are happening on the Richardson highway.

When those in Delta who were concerned about Alaska having essentially no anti-abortion laws, I authored a bill which stated that once a heartbeat was detected it couldn’t be aborted, and then found representative Sara Vance to carry it. Together we found 18 legislators that signed on as co-sponsors before it was even filed. If the conservatives can ever re-take the majority, that bill will pass. 

I have written two pro 2nd amendment rights bills and co-sponsored a third, and  I have written constitutional amendments to cap spending- which have yet to pass. I wrote, and passed, a bill asking the feds for 25% of federal timber receipts go to education (that program was successfully extended and last year brought over $10 Million into our state for schools). I voted against the takeover of our game management units. I wrote amendments to help reimburse John Sturgeon for fighting for us in the Supreme Court, and I have defended our access to the Alaskan back country on every turn. I contacted Senator Sullivan’s to provide more help for the Post Office—and he did.

When those of you have contacted my office for help, even on Saturday afternoons, I wrote many letters of recommendation for your projects and had them finished by Monday morning. 

There is so much more that I could talk about, as those of you involved are well aware. I appreciate you all.