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Last Saturday some friends were coming from Fairbanks and needed instructions to getting to my place. Before, I would tell to come down the Jack Warren Road three miles on the left side of the road look for three Fairbanks Daily News Miner paper boxes. Turn on that driveway – that is history now. Needed different instructions. Was going to put the American flag by my driveway. Sometimes other driveways have the flag out. My friend said put the Confederate battle flag out, which I did. Later someone stopped by my house and told my wife someone had thrown my flag onto the ground.

To the person that told my wife, she did not get your name, but please stop by and have coffee and dessert with us around 1430 hours any day so I can thank you.

Now, to the person that threw my flag on the ground, I have 19 ancestors that fought under that flag – some of them died. This flag was well respected until around 1961, until a bunch of racists like J. Jackson decided they could cause more trouble picking on the South. Around 30,000 blacks fought for the South. To the person that threw my flag on the ground, you need to learn history and find out what that war was about. I heard the ratio of blacks to white was 300 to 1. We got along, no big problem.

I am not a racist. I try to get along with everybody. I don’t care for people that think they are better than me.

Allen G. Avinger